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At Herischi & Associates, we believe in providing personalized service to each client with a diverse array of solutions to suit their legal needs. We believe in human rights, we represents clients in different areas of law such as human rights litigation, labor and employment, and immigration when their basic rights are violated or need our services to protect their rights. We represent individuals in a wide range of legal matters, including civil litigations, international litigations, immigration law, and Iran Sanctions.

We live in an increasingly globalized society that provides unique opportunities for cultural interaction and globally important legal matters such as human rights. These global opportunities, however, also often give rise to unique legal questions that require new and innovative solutions. The attorneys at Herischi & Associates, LLC are committed to helping our clients achieve their legal goals at the local, national, and international level. We represent clients in state, federal, and immigration courts. We are also reaching to international tribunals when the solution would serve our clients interests. 

From advocating for human rights, to OFAC and export control, from family and business immigration matters to anti-discrimination actions, it is our goal to ensure that our clients’ needs are met from the initial consultation through the completion of their case.


Our attorneys are motivated to protect and fight for our clients’ rights, and that’s our main objective in every case. 

Ali Herischi
Ali Herischi - Principal Partner at Herischi & Associates LLC
Nicolle Katrivanos
Nicole Katrivanos Partner at Herischi & Associates LLC
Brett Harshbarger
Brett Harshbarger Associate at Herischi & Associates
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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.” 

― Martin Luther King Jr.


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